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  1. Will Brexit impact much more on the already shaky overseas property market
  2. It’s a standard line of argument that America’s millennial generation - those sometimes categorised as ‘Generation Y’ - aren’t interested in home ownership.
  3. The Miami real estate market is one of the most robust in America, and that trend continued in 2014.
  4. Home ownership is falling across the world, with many countries seeing sharp drops, according to a new report.
  5. Australians began building more new homes in the September quarter of 2014 than in any other quarter since records began.
  6. Favourable foreign exchange rates are just part of the package that’s drawing UK buyers back to France. The weight of tradition, accessibility, and
  7. China’s economy is running at its slowest rate for more than two decades – and the cause is likely to be the country’s slipping property market.
  8. As Spain’s property market recovers on the back of a stabilizing economy, Valencia and Madrid emerge as likely candidates for 2015 property hotspots.
  9. The lower end of the American housing market is set for a boom year, according to data released by property firm Clear Capital. Most housing in the USA is expected to experience declining gains.
  10. A look at the foreign currency markets from around the world with updated information on movements and causes to the current rates.