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move2Gozo is a boutique independent real estate company established in Gozo, Malta in 2007 to help buyers find property on Gozo and Malta.  As both ex-pats and locals, having regularly visited and lived in Gozo and Malta over the past 40 years or so, we have an intimate knowledge of the islands and what they have to offer, coupled with our deep insights (outside-in and inside-out) on living on these islands. 

Our clients hail from a wide range of countries, each with their own individual needs and expectations.  Although our remit is to sell real estate property, it is hugely important to us that our clients are  ultimately happy with their new property for many years to come. We strongly believe in the importance of property buyers making informed decisions, and can advise on all aspects of the buying process.  


We never abandon you once we have helped conclude a successful property purchase.  We assist you from first enquiry through to moving into your home, whether it is offering advice on services, full Property conversion/renovation project management, sourcing of builders and/or artisans, or just helping you register with utility providers,  or even opening a local bank account.  

We know and understand the Maltese & Gozitan cultures, speak Maltese, know many local people & businesses on both islands, from architects to notaries and builders to artisans, and everything one needs to know about buying and renovating property on the island.  

Our advice is always impartial, and we will inform you of the pitfalls or benefits of a specific purchase. 
On this site you will find a range of properties from apartments and penthouses, to farmhouses, villas and luxury developments in Gozo, and also Malta, to suit all pockets. In particular we will select properties which are quirky and different, luxury upmarket, or with great potential for development.  We do not list all properties available in Gozo and Malta, and we also have properties on our books which are not listed.  If you cannot find a property in your preferred location or which suites your requirements then we encourage you to register with us and let us know what you are looking for.  

We will shortly be adding a renovations section to the website. We are also in the process of building our Malta based property portfolio.

Clients can also avail themselves of our additional services, to tour and explore the island and get to the heart of "island living" in the very heart of the Mediterranean. We seek to establish that they truly wish to live here or spend many happy holidays in these delightful islands of Malta and Gozo and experience the unique  charm and character Gozo and Malta offer.

David Pace,  Director  move2Gozo

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